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Tyson's License Suspended

Mike Tyson's boxing license in Michigan was suspended for three months and he was fined $5,000 for refusing to submit to a urine test before his Oct. 20 fight against Andrew Golota.

The decision Tuesday will be honored by at least one important governing body outside Michigan the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

"We will honor any suspension by a sister state," said Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada body.

However, the ruling by Michigan Athletic Board of Control might have little impact because the former heavyweight champion was not planning to fight in the next three months.

The board also required the heavyweight to make a "donation" of $200,000 to organizations later approved by the board.

Tyson did not attend the hearing. His lawyer, Neil Fink, said Tyson agreed to abide by the donation and fine. Fink would not elaborate on the ruling.

The vote by the board was 6-1, with two members not present. The dissenting voter, Glenn Hirsch, could not understand why the fight went forward without the urine test from Tyson.

"I'm so set back by it. ... That fight shouldn't have happened," Hirsch said.

Tyson's last fight was against Golota, who quit before third round of the bout in Auburn Hills. He does not have another bout scheduled and it is highly unlikely he would box again in Michigan.

Before the October bout, Tyson said his fight with Golota would be his last. However, he is back in the gym and training to fight.

David Sebastian, board chairman of the governing body, said urine samples are usually taken from both fighters just before a fight and are tested for alcohol or drugs.

There was debate before the fight about Tyson's use of antidepressants, initially Zoloft and later Prozac.

The board's investigation into Tyson's medications use accompanied by assurances that he would not discontinue his medication before the Golota bout, as he had in the past paved the way for his license to box in Michigan.

Tyson angrily left the ring and the arena after Golota quit in what Tyson had said would be his last fight. Golota exited the ring to boos and a shower of soda and beer. He was roundly criticized, but upon returning to Chicago he was admitted to a hospital, where he was treated for what a doctor said was a fractured cheekbone, a concussion and herniated disc.

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