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Tyra Banks Sued for $3 Million Over Talk Episode About Teen Sex Addicts

Supermodel Tyra Banks Sued for $3 Million
Tyra Banks (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images) Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

NEW YORK (CBS) Supermodel talk-show host Tyra Banks is being sued for $3 million by a Georgia woman who claims her 15-year-old daughter appeared without parental consent on a 2009 show featuring teen sex addicts.

The fact that Banks' show "Tyra" has been taken off the air has not stopped Beverly McClendon from seeking damages from Banks, her producers and Warner Bros. Entertainment, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"This show was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts, and pedophiles alike," says McClendon's suit, which was filed in federal court last week.

The suit alleges that producers from the show contacted her daughter after the teen responded to an open call placed on the "Tyra" website last October.

Unbeknownst to the girl's mother, she says the show's producers flew her daughter to New York where she was put up in a hotel in exchange for her paid appearance on the show.

By the time McClendon found out, she says the damage had already been done and her daughter's privacy had already been violated, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

In addition to monetary reparation, the newspaper says McClendon seeks an injunction against any future airings of the program, which still appears in repeats on the CW network.