Tyler Perry's secret to success: "Simplicity"

Tyler Perry has had enormous success with his many film and TV projects. The actor, writer, director, and producer is the highest-earning man in all of entertainment, according to Forbes magazine.

So what's the secret to his success with audiences?

"60 Minutes:" Tyler Perry's Amazing Journey to the Top

"I celebrate simplicity," Perry said on "CBS This Morning." "I celebrate where we come from, and...we're all in need something of something so simple. We all want to know how to forgive. We all want to know how to love. We all want to know how to laugh. And that simplicity, I think, is what has resonated with so many people with me around the world."

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Perry, a New Orleans native, said he's celebrating where he came from the simple people and life there.

"I've always held on to it," he said. "I always will. I'm just sharing what I know."

Perry said his "entire purpose" is to spread positivity and inspiration. "Nothing else matters to me," Perry said. "(There are) so many people whose job it is to bring negativity to the world. I want to be an opposing force to that. That's all I want to do."

In addition to success, Perry discussed how his role in "Good Deeds," which opens this Friday, is different from other parts he's played. He also talked about speaking at Whitney Houston's funeral. For all that and more watch the video in the player above.