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Tying Yellow Ribbons

For a week now, the yellow ribbons lining the streets of Capac, Michigan, have been this townÂ's most open way of displaying its concern for one of its own, reports CBS News Correspondent Drew Levinson.

They are waiting for word that Sgt. Christopher Stone and two other American soldiers would be released by their Serbian captors. That could come as early as Thursday.

Â"We cannot wait. This little town has all been praying and putting out ribbons and everything. So weÂ're all for him. WeÂ're all for all of them getting out. We donÂ't want anybody hurt,Â" said one Capac resident.

Pictures of Stone, Andrew Ramirez and Stephen Gonzales have been broadcast around the world for the past seven days.

Watching TV and seeing the bruised American faces hasn't been easy.

Â"We donÂ't want those boys over there,Â" one man said. Â"We want them home.Â"

People in Capac, a town of 1,500, want the best for all three men.

But Stone is a friend, a neighbor and a former classmate.

And when word started spreading that he and the others might be coming home, it appeared that glimmer of hope would become a reality.

For a week now, the national spotlight has been focused on Capac and one of its native sons.

The people in Capac want Stone home and the attention directed somewhere else.

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