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Ty Cobb, Trump's lawyer, says president "very eager" to talk to Mueller

Cobb interview
Ty Cobb, Trump's lawyer, says president is "very eager" to speak to Mueller 00:44

President Trump's attorney Ty Cobb says the president is "very eager" to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller for his Russia investigation. In an interview with CBS News' chief White House correspondent Major Garrett on this week's "The Takeout" podcast, Cobb said Mr. Trump wants to put the matter to rest, and he told Garrett there are "active discussions" about a special counsel interview, but no formal request has yet been made.  

It is Cobb's belief that the Mueller investigation will ultimately be immaterial to Mr. Trump and his presidency. Cobb said he expects it to be wrapped up in 4-6 weeks.  

"There's a big difference between a shooting star and a planet," Cobb told Garrett, referring to the big headlines for the legal issues of Papadopoulos, Manafort and Flynn.  Cobb said he believes these pleas and indictment will not impact the president. 

Steve Bannon agrees to cooperate with Mueller's Russia investigation 07:10

"I think it's more than appropriate for the Mueller people to explore anything they're interested in," Cobb said. Cobb said he is focused on "getting the facts out." 

But despite this, he said he considers the investigation to be a drag on the presidency. "It's very difficult for him to do anything other than to fight for his place in history," Cobb said. 

Cobb said if Mueller did interview Mr. Trump, it could be a perjury trap -- that is, a situation in which his story does not match the evidence -- something Cobb said "foolish" was not to consider. But Cobb said he has known Mueller for a long time, and doesn't believe that is his aim.

As for former White House strategist Steve Bannon, Cobb dismissed Bannon's comments about Donald Trump Jr. being "treasonous." That comment appeared in "Fire and Fury," Michael Wolff's book about the first year of the Trump presidency.

"I don't think you should take anything from the Michael Wolff book seriously," Cobb said.

Bannon has made a deal to talk with the special counsel's office, after FBI agents visited Bannon's house to serve him with a grand jury subpoena. The deal means that he will not have to appear before the grand jury.     

Cobb speculated that his hostile treatment of the agents led to the subpoena. The subpoena has since been withdrawn, and Bannon has committed to an interview with Mueller. 

Bannon is the most recent Trump associate to be questioned as part of the ongoing Russia investigation.

CBS News' Major Garrett, Arden Farhi and Caroline Linton contributed to this report. 

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