Two videos of dogs doing funny and amazing things

(CBS News) If you're a dog owner, you're already aware of what wonderful and loyal friends they can be. But it's always nice to get a reminder of that through some fun videos, which is why this post is all about our furry friends doing amazing things that are caught on film. First up is a vigilant golden retriever out of China who guards his owner's bike like it's the crown jewels. Seriously.

The endearing video was posted by YouTube user ALCREW who writes:

Li Li the Golden Retriever guards his owner's bicycle so well that Luo Wencong doesn't need a bike lock at all. Locals in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Province, China, call Li Li the 'Bike Hugging Dog' due to his unusual habit. My favorite part is when the dog climbs up the bicycle.

And next up we have a case of cute overload as a dog very slowly and silently stalks a wolf on a golf course. Did we mention that the wolf is fake? Let's just say it's going to take this little guy named Rasta a very, very, very long while to figure that out. Hope you all enjoy!