Two very different, equally amazing staring contests

(CBS News) You know when you're in a public place and you accidentally make eye contact with someone? Or you're walking down the street and someone stares a little bit too long, and it's just weird? Well, this prank brought to us by master YouTube pranksters whatever (no, that's actually their name -- whatever -- I am not just being indifferent), take the painful stare-down to a whole new level. Watch what happens when a good-looking girl (Andrea) randomly approaches people and stares at them for what seems like an eternity.

How does she not lose it? A couple of times I almost saw her crack a smile, but in general, this master starer has some major willpower. What's best, is that she's playing the staring game in a library -- an already awkwardly quiet and sometimes uncomfortable place (am I alone here, or does anyone agree with me?). And it's really interesting to see how her victims react. Sometimes by asking what she wants, becoming defensive, inquisitive, giggly, or kind of aggravated. But some gave it right back to her, as in the case of dude featured around minute 1:18, or the last guy -- that bearded fellow rocked it, he was definitely not afraid!

You know who else isn't afraid of a little stare-down? Cats! They will stare you down until you run away screaming -- or in the case of the video below that captures the battle of wills between Walter and Glinda -- they will just attack. For a feline take on the staring experiment, posted by presumed pet owner Heidi Cullinan, check out the below video. Why are cats so endlessly entertaining?