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Two Suicide Bombers Appear in Urdu Version of Al Qaeda Video

(al Sahab)
An al Qaeda video posted on the Internet Tuesday showed two Arab suicide bombers preparing to carry out an attack against a joint U.S.-Afghan outpost in the Afghan province of Khost, according to the video.

The nine-minute video is in Urdu and was produced by al Sahab, al Qaeda's media wing, last November. The suicide bombers were identified as Abu Hamza al Makki and Abul Bara' al Hejazi.

The two men are seen saying that operation was in response to the Danish cartoon about Prophet Mohammed.

The release of the video now seems to be aimed at healing the rift between Pashto and Urdu jihadi sympathizers. The Karachi clashes of last April, in which 20 persons were killed, threatened to widen the divide between the two groups.

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