Two men shot on Philadelphia train in sports argument, police say

The Philadelphia train station where a teen allegedly shot two men after a "trash-talking" dispute following an NBA game, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2012.
CBS Philly

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA - Police say two men were shot aboard a Philadelphia train following an argument with two teenagers over sports, CBS Philly reports.

The shooting happened at around 10:30p.m. Thursday on a SEPTA El train in West Philadelphia.

Investigators say the shooting erupted after some "trash-talking" about the 76ers-Bulls basketball game that had just ended at the Wells Fargo Center.

According to detectives, a 35-year-old man wearing a visitors' Chicago Bulls jersey was on the train when two males, described as about 17 or 19-years-old, got into it with him.

Lieutenant John Walker says the verbal exchange led to obscenities.

"The 35-year-old says 'listen man, this train's filled with people, there's young kids, there's ladies in here, you need to watch your mouth young boy.' Of course, that escalates it a little further and we have a 30-year-old male who's on the train, who's behind the 35-year-old who says 'listen it's not worth it, these young boys, just let's cool out," Walker explained, according to CBS Philly.

Walker says when the train made a stop, the teens got off the train and one of them turned and fired a shot at the men.  The bullet hit them both. 

The 35-year-old was hit in the stomach and the bullet exited through his back. The same bullet then struck the 30-year-old victim in the leg, Walker confirmed.

The 35-year-old was listed in critical condition and the 30-year-old was stable.

Detectives say approximately 35 passengers were on the train when the incident occurred. No other injuries were reported.

The shooter and the second suspect remain at large, CBS Philly reports.