Two LMFAO music parody videos worth checking out

(CBS) - We're big fans of LMFAO's music which tends to have the uncanny ability to get you up on your feet and dancing. Seriously, it's like a siren's call. So when we saw these series of fun parodies of "Sexy and I Know It", we just had to post them up. First up: nerd culture!

The fun play on all things "nerdy" was posted by YouTube user HuskyStarcraft (and stars KurtHugoSchneider who has previously been featured here at The Feed).

And next up, we shift our attention to those who are expecting bundles of joy in the near future. That's right, this fun video posted by YouTube user tommeeprofitt (and starring Angela Profitt) goes out to all the soon-to-be mothers out there.  Hope you enjoy!  And if you want to check out more from HuskyStarcraft click here or more from tommeeprofitt click here.