Two legged cat is your dose of Monday inspiration

Caffrey, the two legged cat

And now for some inspiration on this post-blizzard Monday. Some folks in the Northeast are dealing with feet (multiple feet!) of snow. Digging out from all that -- or at least digging out your car -- may seem like an impossible challenge. But Caffrey the cat is here to remind us to never give up.

Check out this feline who gets around just fine, despite having only two legs.

As the British newspaper Daily Mail tells it, Caffrey was hit by a car when he was three years old. The accident, and resulting surgery, left him with three legs. Years later, a complication from the accident took his second leg. Nearly $12,000 of medical bills later, and Caffrey is living carefree, even though he does not have legs on the right side of his body.

"Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do," Caffrey's owner, Sue Greaves, told the Daily Mail. "He doesn't seem bothered at all by having only two legs."