Two humorous moments that end with people soaked

(CBS News) While very different in terms of the "how" and "why" behind it, know that both of these videos highlighted will end with a person or persons soaking wet by the end. Up first, click play on the video above to take in a high school chemistry experiment that is going to take a turn very quickly towards a focus on a chemical compound you undoubtedly know: H2O!

The silver-lining: I'm sure the class learned a valuable lesson about science safety. (And it's good to see that the school sprinkler system is functioning and ready to keep those students safe!) Moving right along, if you've ever engaged in some prank shenanigans in your life, you're probably aware of the classic water bowl balancing on a stick trick. (Some poor guy or gal gets stuck holding a bowl water above their head until they finally give up and are often soaked.) Well, this quick clip both is and is not that prank... you'll see what I mean when you watch the clever and very skillful reverse played on the prankster-victim roles below.