Two great time-lapse pieces for the price of none

(CBS News) There's a somewhat common phrase that goes "think globally, act locally." And while I'm not quite sure this is what most people mean by it, I'm going to take that expression literally by showing you two great time-lapse pieces in this post, all for the low, low price of absolutely nothing at all. Wow, what a deal, right? We'll start things off with a global mindset in the time-lapse video above that takes us all on a trip around the world.  I hope you brought your passport.

The beautiful and vicarious trek across the globe was created by Vimeo user Alex Pitt, and helps to remind us that there is so much more out there than just where we are and what we think we know. Too deep? Okay, fine, it's a cool video that showcases the world. Are you happy now?

And next we turn our attention to the local, or at least local for me, in a video that focuses on the exotic locale of Brooklyn, NY, which this blogger happens to call home. Check out the visually striking time-lapse and tilt-shift video below entitled "Busy Brooklyn" by Joerg Daiber.