Two first-person perspective thrill rides instead of coffee

(CBS News) There comes a certain point in the work day where your blogger here starts to fade. Like right now. And where a cup of coffee can usually suffice, if you happen to be in the same boat, how about we wake up with some vicarious thrill rides instead starting with the video above. I'd recommend watching in high-definition if possible. And definitely make sure to wear a helmet.

The video very accurately entitled "World's Most Dangerous Ride" was posted by YouTube user ARiemann1 who writes about the adrenaline rush journey:

One mistake and it's a free fall to your death. Motology's Adam Riemann rides one of the scariest Himalayan trails you'll ever see.

While I'm very happy to see this particular trail, I'm probably going to take a pass on ever experiencing it for myself. Just saying. And we've got another first-person perspective jolt for you below using a much more unusual form of transportation. Enjoy a fast-paced, downhill snow ride on a - wait for it - shovel! Yeah, that's right. A shovel. Go ahead and check it out.