Two cute cases of when kittens go crazy on tape

(CBS News) Kittens and cats are cute. Don't argue with me, the Internet has spoken. It's done.  Full stop.  But every once in a while, we here at The Feed come across cases of kittens going crazy on tape. So check out two adorable overload examples of that phenomenon happening.

Honestly, I think that kitten needs to recognize that her milk addiction has become a problem. I mean, just look at how desperately she claws to get another hit from the bottle. Just saying. But seriously, how cute is she?

And for our next example, we've got a bit of a doozy for you. It's just a normal day in the classroom, when one cat decides to drop in. Literally. The cat decides to drop in.  Two crazy and cute cases that should give just about everyone a smile to last them through the week.  Or at least the rest of the day.  Enjoy!