Two charged with trying to kill teen after UPS robbery in St. Louis

Anthony Moore is jailed on $1 million bond after being accused of hijacking a UPS truck and later shooting a 15-year-old girl.

(CBS/AP) EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - Authorities have filed charges against two suspects accused of kidnapping a UPS driver, stealing packages, then trying to kill a 15-year-old girl they feared could turn them over to police, CBS affiliate KMOV reports.

Anthony Moore, 20, is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking, armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping in connection to the Dec. 17 UPS theft. He is also charged with attempted first-degree murder after police say he shot the teenage victim.

Victoria Walker, 23, is charged with attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, and possession of stolen items. Walker was reportedly a friend of the victim, and had arranged the meeting where the teenage girl was shot.

On Dec. 19, the 15-year-old victim said she had unknowingly walked into a house of stolen goods when she was hanging out with Walker, the station reports.

According to KMOV, authorities say the goods were stolen from a delivery driver who was forced to drive to Washington Park, where police say two other suspects helped clean out 60 to 80 packages from the back of the UPS truck.

According to the 15-year-old's mother, her daughter realized the packages were stolen and that knowledge almost cost the young girl her life, KMOV reports.

On the morning of Dec. 20, the girl was reportedly contacted by Walker, who wanted to meet up with her.

The van that picked the victim up drove to a secluded area in Cahokia where Moore allegedly took the girl outside of the vehicle and threatened her.

"...He took her out the van and threw her down in a ditch and he shot," the victim's mother told KMOV.

The gunshot hit the 15-year-old girl in the back, piercing her lung, but she lived to tell about it, the station reports.

"She said she heard the first shot and her ears started ringing, and that he shot again and she felt something, so she said she laid still so they would leave," the victim's mother said. "They wanted to kill her. She's 15 years old."

Police used the victim's information to take Moore and Walker into custody. Authorities say they are still looking to arrest two other men that helped in the UPS robbery.