Two cases of unexpected music performances (with a sea lion and saxophones)

(CBS News) If you look for it, you can find music just about anywhere. From the tick of a clock to the waves at a dock, if you add in a dash of imagination and sprinkle of whimsical, you can be bobbing your head in no time. (Not to be confused with the common herb "thyme" used in real recipes, and props go out to the beloved Dr. Seuss for inspiring me!) Which has absolutely nothing to do with our video above of a very talented sea lion, with the exception of his amazing ability to bob his head to the beat of music. Go ahead and click play to check it out.

The animal antics video was posted by the Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Laboratory out of the University of California - Santa Cruz who write about the unusual display:

One of our resident sea lions, Ronan, is the first non-human mammal shown able to find and keep the beat with musical stimuli. This challenges earlier evidence from humans and parrots suggesting that complex vocal mimicry is a necessary precondition for flexible rhythmic entrainment.

All of us here at The Feed absolutely love your head-bobbing moves, Ronan! And now we shift from sea lion to saxophones in our journey of unexpected music and music-related performances. Go ahead and watch as a West Side Story-style battle erupts on a New York City subway ride between musicians "Sapphire Adizes (red pants)" and Zack Mayer posted by GREATTIM E below.