Two cases of dogs and cats being ridiculously cute

(CBS News) If I've learned anything during my time here at The Feed, it's this: when in doubt about the next post, go with something ridiculously cute. So here are two cases of dogs and cats turned up to an adorable overload level on the dial starting with some Scottish Terrier puppies above.

The animal antics clip entitled "Scottie Pinwheel" was posted by YouTube user bggann who writes:

They love their goats milk!

I'm reminded of the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" while watching it. Anyone else or just me? Probably just me... Moving right along, for your second dose of ridiculously cute content: when it comes time to do laundry, wouldn't it be nice if your feline friend helped out? Well, check out this cat who does just that (kind of) in this surprising and silly video from PETSAMI below.