Two arrested over YouTube video of alleged beating, stealing from homeless man

Video of the beating of a homeless man sparked two arrests
CBS Philadelphia
Video of alleged beating of a homeless man sparked two arrests in Wall Township, N.J.
CBS Philadelphia

(CBS/AP) WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A New Jersey 20-year-old and his teen friend are charged with aggravated assault after a video of them allegedly beating, taunting and stealing from a homeless man surfaced on YouTube.

The video - embedded below  - purportedly shows Taylor Giresi, 20, punching and kicking a homeless man on what appear to be two separate occasions, as he and the 17-year-old cameraman laugh. The attackers later steal the man's bicycle.

"About to go beat up this bum," says a man on the video before the assault, according to the Associated Press.

"Just dive on him! Dive on him!" the cameraman says on the video as the assailant approaches a disheveled-looking man in a wooded area near the Jersey shore.

In a written statement, police said that they received a report on Sunday that several people had filmed their attack on a homeless man and posted it on YouTube.

"The video showed that the subjects involved took advantage of the victim's unfortunate circumstance and targeted him on two separate occasions due to his financially destitute situation," police said.

After the first attack, the cameraman encourages the assailant to go back for more, so the man in the video punches the homeless man in the face, knocking him to the ground. The attackers then announce they plan to take their victim's bicycle.

"No, I need my bike!" the victim protests.

The man smiles at the camera, then runs off with the bicycle as the cameraman yells, "Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever the (expletive) you are."

The AP reports that the second part of the video seems to record a different assault in which the same victim is punched, kicked and knocked to the ground. He slowly gets up and looks directly at the camera as the cameraman sarcastically apologizes.

"Oh, my God, you're bleeding!" the cameraman says. "We didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Wipe off the blood."

The cameraman then tells his accomplice to give the victim a hug, but when the bleeding victim reaches out for the hug, the attacker knees him in the stomach.

The victim begins to scream, and before the attackers leave, the young man runs up and delivers a flying kick to the victim's head.

"You gave him the big boot!" the cameraman shouts. "The big boot!"

Alleged attacker Taylor Giresi was jailed on $60,000 bail. The teen cameraman was released to the custody of his parents.