Twisted: Life After A Tornado

What does a Kansas town look like after a tornado has torn through the streets? It's nothing like "The Wizard of Oz." Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan writes about a town called Greensburg:

Stand at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 54, and you'll feel it; a sense of total and complete loss. Known as the "yellow brick road" to some, Main Street was the commercial heart and soul of this tiny town. The fairytale reference is now nightmarish because the storm has taken at least 9 lives. Rescue and recovery efforts continue, but with time the word 'rescue' diminishes as the recovery looms.

A two-story furniture store was reduced to a couple of feet of rubble. The donut shop that finished remodeling on Friday – the day of the tornado – is flattened. The façade of the brick building belonging to the masons is still standing, but the roof, guts and back have been ripped out of it.

If the editor of the weekly paper didn't tell me which structure with the gold bricks to look at, I wouldn't have known he was talking about the post office.

Keep walking down the street and an old fashioned drugstore has been mixed up like the soda which an octogenarian soda jerk made there for more than 55 years.

Check out the rest of his reporter's notebook, filed late yesterday, for a dramatic description of the aftermath of a twister.