Twist on "Yo Mama" battle in honor of Mother's Day

(CBS News) In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day holiday (and dedicated to your blogger's own mother), I've got a nice "Yo Mama" battle with a twist for you. (Hint: "Yo mama's so amazing the stars come out at night just for her!") Can you guess where this one is going...?

Awwww... they're using praise instead of insults in a battle where both their mothers win! The complimentary clip was created by the always-dynamic duo of Rhett and Linkwho have been featured on The Feed quite a few times now, and who write about their Mother's Day tribute:

This Mother's Day, let's not insult each others' mamas.
A big triple-rainbow salute of mama's boys in the best ways possible goes out to Rhett and Link from all of us here at The Feed for this very funny and timely flip on the classic battle of maternal insults! And to check out more great work from Rhett and Link, definitely be sure to see our previous posts on them by clicking here or you can visit their website by clicking here.