"Twilight" Could Make A Box-Office Killing

More than 600 frantic fans lined up early - some waited overnight - to get a glimpse of the glitter at the premiere of "Twilight," the latest vampire movie to take a bite out of Hollywood.

The "Twilight" story is based on a four-book series by Stephany Meyer that has sold more than 17 million copies. It is being called "Harry Potter" for girls, CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reports.

"I used to never read and then I started this and ... now I read all the time," one fan said.

If you haven't heard of "Twilight," you may be in the Twilight Zone. The movie, which is expected to open big this weekend, tells the story of a family of vampires that resists the urge to dine on humans.

Rob Pattinson stars as Edward, the hunky chalk-white teenager with a secret.

During a cross-country tour almost 6,000 people, mostly teens, jammed a Dallas mall to get a glimpse of the star.

"I think I'm going to pass out," one fan said.

Pattinson said he's even overwhelmed by his character's appeal.

"I guess he's a good guy for a girl to go out with," he said.

Well, that's unless you're her parent. But who knew a chivalrous vampire could be so popular.

"It's a little bit old fashioned!" Hughes said to Pattinson.

"I know. I had no idea people still found that attractive especially younger girls," he said.

His girlfriend, Bella, comes across as just a normal teenager … in love with a vampire.

"It was very challenging to cast this movie because every girl thinks she's Bella," said director Catherine Hardwicke.

And the undead live large online. For $10,000, Sam's Club offered a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Hollywood premiere.

We asked a "Twilight" expert: Why the obsession?

"It's such a good relationship that they have," said Cassidy Miler, a "Twilight" fan. "Edward's very much a protector of her and it's very comforting to feel that she has someone to look over her."

Miler already has her ticket for "Twilight." And with 500 opening-day shows already sold out, it's looking like twilight will make a killing at the box office.