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Tweet about student's drunken plane design goes viral

According to the Princeton Review, Michigan Tech University prepares students "to create the future for a prosperous and sustainable world."

Apparently, that future might involve an airplane designed by an inebriated student with no recollection of his engineering genius.

Keith Fraley, a software engineering student at the school, sent a tweet on Saturday claiming that his roommate, a mechanical engineering student, pulled off an impressive feat: "So my roommate came back drunk last night and doesnt remember designing an entire (expletive) airplane."

A Michigan Tech student apparently designed an airplane -- while drunk.

The claim has not been proven definitively, but it was accompanied by visual evidence of his roommate's engineering prowess.

Fraley's tweet has since been retweeted more than 42,000 times.

But would the aircraft fly in the real world or is it drunken jibberish?

"He imagines his design may work," Fraley told the Guardian, "and he looks forward to trying to recreate his work into a remote-control model with his colleagues."

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