Chaos on Turkey-Syria border as ISIS marches on

SANLIURFA, Turkey - ISIS is on the rampage again, seizing dozens of villages in northern Syria last week and forcing more than 100,000 people to flee into Turkey.

On Turkey's border with Syria Monday, just a few miles from where ISIS has besieged the town of Kobani, Turkish riot police defended their positions with tear gas.

Turkish riot police defended their position near the border with Syria, but they weren't fighting Islamic extremists.

But they weren't fighting the Islamic extremists.

Instead, they were trying to push back Turkish men who wanted to cross into Syria to fight against the ISIS militants.

Like the refugees, they're members of the Kurdish ethnic minority, and their relationship with Turkey's government is tense.

The confrontation turned farmland into a battle zone and forced the CBS News crew to run for cover.

A mile away, hundreds of Kurdish Syrians waited to cross at another checkpoint Monday.

They said they'd brought their families to safety in Turkey and wanted to go back and defend their land.

Mohammed Ali said he saw ISIS gunmen execute his cousin when the militants captured their village.

The men's families may be safe, but many have nowhere to go.

Camped out on the ground, inside a mosque, CBS News met Najah Khalid. She said she fled here on Thursday with her six children - the youngest her 10 day-old baby girl Nawroz.

"We just want to be safe from those monsters," she said. "We want to be able to go back home."

Many people here in Turkey accuse their government of hypocrisy. Monday, Turkish authorities stopped Kurdish fighters from going to Syria, but thousands if foreign fighters have crossed the border over the last three years, and many of them have joined ISIS.