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"Turkey hunting" prank in the stores and streets of Los Angeles

(CBS News) We showed you something useful and serious in reference to Thanksgiving a moment ago, but the Internet always provides alternative options for holiday entertainment. So watch ridiculous hijinks unfold in this "turkey hunting" video set in the stores and streets of Los Angeles.

It looked like their "turkey was almost cooked" a few times during the making of this video, especially at the end... The silly holiday prank was posted by Nathan Barnatt, who has been featured on The Feed a few times before, dressed up as a turkey and being "hunted" by fellow viral video creator and humorist, Ed Bassmaster. Is it a bit juvenile? Sure. But is it also funny and perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday? Without a doubt! If you'd like to check out more amusing videos from Nathan Barnatt be sure to click here and for more from Ed Bassmaster click here.

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