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Turkey earthquake: Video captures TV reporter running as quake hits during live broadcast

Turkey earthquake hits during live broadcast
Turkey earthquake hits as TV journalist broadcasts live 01:34

Television reporter Yuksel Akalan was broadcasting live from the streets of Malatya, Turkey, after Monday's devastating earthquake when the ground started shaking beneath his feet. Akalan and a group of others on the road are seen taking off down the street as the shaking begins. As the cameraman also turns to run, the sound of a building collapsing can be heard.

"As we were heading to the rubble to (film) search and rescue efforts, there were two consecutive aftershocks with a loud noise, and the building you are seeing on my left was brought down to earth," Akalan said, according to Reuters. "There was a lot of dust. A local resident is coming and he is covered in dust."

The video shows Akalan coming upon a mother and her daughter in the road and helping them evacuate, urging the young girl to remain calm.

Hundreds dead after earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria 02:26

At least 1,900 people were killed and many more wounded across Turkey and Syria when two separate earthquakes and multiple aftershocks hit the region early Monday. Rescue workers said they expected the death toll to climb.

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