Tune into this "living piano" composed of real-life opera singers

(CBS News) In an interesting twist on a piano, ad agency Lowe Roche discovered a whole new way to spread their word for TFO -- the French cultural and educational television network in Ontario -- by building this "piano" connected to live opera singers. The stunt, which took place during the Festival d'Opera in Quebec, featured singers connected to certain keys, so when people jumped on the rights keys, the opera singers sang the note that corresponded. It's quite impressive. Check out the video above, posted on TFO Canada's YouTube page, that would put Tom Hank's performance in "Big" to shame.

Talk about being on key. Each singer really had to be paying complete attention and be ready to voice in at a moments notice. And there was not a mistake to be had. The singers sang exactly when they were supposed to, even when little kids were jumping all over the keys (and one guy even sat down on a key). And props to the conductor, who really had things under control and kept the performance lively. If all ads were this creative, I think people would be a whole lot more interested they were selling, so to speak.