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Burning Rubber
For some, screeching tires, screaming engines, high speeds, and the smell of burning fuel is a weekend drive down the Interstate. For others, it's the Daytona 500, scheduled to be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, February 15 at Noon ET. takes a look next Wednesday at the driving force behind these die-hard race fans.

Love & War
Valentine's Day is around the corner. Still looking for that perfect gift? Still wondering where to go and what to do for that special someone on February 14? Check back here on Monday for a personal guide to V-Day, the one day of the year officially devoted to romance.

Spit Over Your Left Shoulder
Uh, oh. Next Friday is the 13th of February. Be careful around spilled milk, ladders and black cats. Why? Get the eerie details on Friday the 13th.

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