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Tucson police chief offers resignation after man dies in custody

The police chief in Tucson, Arizona, offered his resignation Wednesday during a press conference where the department showed video of a man who died while in police custody. Carlos Ingram-Lopez, 27, died while being arrested in April.

Before video of the arrest was shown, Chief Chris Magnus gave an account of the incident and said while the audio is clear, the video was difficult to see at certain moments.

"The officers restrained Mr. Ingram-Lopez in a prone position for about 12 minutes," Magnus said. "Mr. Ingram-Lopez went into cardiac arrest and, despite the officers' attempts to revive him, was declared deceased at the scene by Emergency Medical Services personnel"

According to the county medical examiner, Ingram-Lopez died of sudden cardiac arrest with acute cocaine intoxication and an enlarged heart, CBS affiliate KOLD-TV reports.

"We have determined that three involved officers committed multiple policy violations and failed to handle the incident consistent with their training," Magnus said. He noted that despite the violations the department identified, the officers did not "deploy strikes, use chokeholds or place a knee" on Ingram-Lopez's neck.

Tucson police chief Chris Magnus resigns after a man died while being arrested by Tuscon police officers. Three officers involved in the arrest also resigned. KOLD-TV

During the arrest, while handcuffed and on the floor, Ingram-Lopez repeatedly asked for water and said at one point that he couldn't breathe. The officers covered Ingram-Lopez with blankets and after about 12 minutes noticed he was unresponsive, Magnus said. They administered Narcan, thinking he was overdosing and when that didn't revive him they attempted CPR until EMS arrived.

The three officers who arrested Ingram-Lopez handed in their resignations June 18. The officers have not been charged with any crimes at this point, but Magnus noted that could change.

"All employees have the right to resign at any time. However, the files for these officers reflect that the department would have terminated them, had they not resigned," Magnus said.

Mayor Regina Romero said she had not heard of Magnus' resignation and would have to discuss the matter with other city leaders, KOLD reports.

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