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TSA Worker Accused of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault in Georgia

TSA Worker Accused of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault
(AP Photo, file) Ted S. Warren

HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (CBS/WGCL) A Transportation Security Administration employee is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in his west Georgia home.

The alleged victim was abducted from a MARTA mass transit station parking lot in southwest Atlanta, and driven 50 miles to the home of suspect Randall Scott King, who apparently attempted suicide after the assault.

Investigators said the victim was released after the sexual assault with a suicide note from King, and specific instructions for where it should be delivered.

After the alleged victim took the suicide note to Union City police, they contacted Hogansville police early Thursday, who in turn went to search King's home. He was found inside bleeding from self-inflicted wounds, and airlifted to Columbus Medical Center for treatment.

A TSA representative said King worked at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport since January of 2005 as a master transportation security officer/behavior detection officer.

Neighbors told CBS affiliate WGCL that King liked to play basketball with some of the younger kids in the neighborhood.

Neighbors said that on the day of the kidnapping, King was bragging about a date he was going on at the airport. King even showed some of the neighbors a picture of a woman described as looking young. King also had Christmas gifts wrapped in the front seat of his car. Neighbors said he told them they were for his date.

Hogansville police have not released any information on the relationship between King and the woman, if any.