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Try Your Hand at Fun Super Bowl Trivia!

So you think you're a football expert? Or maybe you're getting swept up in the excitement leading up to Super Bowl XLIV?

Test your football knowledge in the same trivia quiz the "Early Show" anchors took while in South Beach before the Saints-Colts tilt:

QUESTION 1: Where was the first Super Bowl held?

A) Los Angeles

B) Green Bay

C) Miami


QUESTION 2: Who holds the record for most Super Bowl MVPs?

A) Tom Brady

B) Terry Bradshaw

C) Joe Montana

ANSWER: C) JOE MONTANA ('81, '84,'89)

QUESTION 3: Who won the first Super Bowl?

A) Dallas Cowboys

B) Green Bay Packers

C) Baltimore Colts

ANSWER: B) Green Bay Packers

Special Section: The 2010 Super Bowl

QUESTION 4: Which team has won the most Super Bowls?

A) Pittsburgh Steelers

B) Dallas Cowboys

C) New England Patriots

ANSWER: A) The Steelers have won 6 times! The Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and Minnesota Vikings have all lost 5 times and are tied for the most Super Bowl losses.

QUESTION 5: Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?

A) New Orleans

B) Miami

C) Tampa

ANSWER: B) Miami, which has hosted 10. New Orleans is a close second, with 9.

QUESTION 6: On Super Bowl weekend, there are fewer of what important event than any other time of year?

A) Birthday parties

B) Funerals

C) Weddings

ANSWER: C) Weddings

QUESTION 7: Which over-the-counter medical product sees a 20 percent spike in sales after game day?

A) Tylenol

B) Cough Drops

C) Antacid

ANSWER: C) Antacid

QUESTION 8: On average, how many calories does a Super Bowl viewer consumer on game day?

A) 3,000

B) 4,000

C) 5,000

ANSWER: A) 3,000 (second only to Thanksgiving!)

QUESTION 9: Approximately how many pounds of guacamole are eaten by Americans on Super Bowl Sunday?

A) 25 million

B) 40 million

C) 75 million

ANSWER: B) 43.8 Million pounds -- enough to fill an average stadium 10-and-a-half feet deep!

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