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Trump's pollster says Bernie Sanders would have won election if nominee

If Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination, the pollster who worked for President Trump's 2016 presidential campaign believes the Vermont independent would have won the general election, according to The Hill newspaper.

"There's no question that if it had been anybody other than Clinton or anybody other than Trump, that race would not have been as close as it was either way," said Tony Fabrizio at a Harvard University Institute of Politics events. "It would not have been."

Fabrizio was asked during the event what he believes what would have happened if Sanders won the Democratic nomination.

"I think Sanders beats Trump," he said. "I think Sanders would have had the ability to reach a lot of the less than college-educated, low-income white voters."

Hillary Clinton, however, won the Democratic nomination in June 2016. She also won the popular vote in the general election, winning it by nearly three million more votes than President Trump. 

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