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$350,000 in jewelry reported stolen from two Trump Tower apartments

New York — Detectives are investigating reports of heists of about $350,000 worth of jewelry from residents in Manhattan's Trump Tower.

The jewelry was allegedly swiped from two apartments in the building where President Trump owns a penthouse triplex, police said.

A 33-year-old woman told police her $117,000 Graff diamond bracelet was taken from her 59th floor apartment after she left for vacation on Sept. 3.

Also, a 67-year-old woman reported that five pieces worth a total of $236,00 were stolen from a drawer in a closet in her 42nd floor apartment, police said. The items reportedly disappeared between June 21 and Sept. 9. They were a Harry Winston diamond bracelet, a ring, necklace and bracelet - all encrusted with diamonds and sapphires - and a pair of diamond and emerald earrings.

Reports of the thefts were first published by the New York Post, which said neither apartment was ransacked and there were no signs of break-ins.

The newspaper said both incidents are thought to have been inside jobs and it wasn't clear whether a single thief pulled them off. "It's not somebody breaking into the building or roaming the halls, trying the doors until they find one that's open," one source told the Post.

Detectives were compiling a list of everyone with access to the building, the newspaper adds. Insurance fraud isn't suspected.

A police spokesman told The New York Times investigators haven't identified a suspect.

Mr. Trump was staying at his Trump Tower penthouse Sunday night and is in his hometown for the United Nations General Assembly meeting this week. He's scheduled to deliver a speech to the body on Tuesday.

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