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Trump to have speaking role in Disney World's "Hall of Presidents"

Walt Disney World announced it will be adding President Trump to their roster of speaking U.S. leaders in their "Hall of Presidents" attraction in Orlando, Florida. 

The show, featured in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom park, showcases past presidents in "audio animatronic" robot form, imparting famous words and well-known speeches to visiting audiences. 

Mr. Trump will join the ranks of former presidents before him and will have a speaking role according to Disney officials.  

"The same thing that we've done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump," Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications told local Orlando outlet News 13. 

The popular attraction, opened in 1971, has added every U.S. president after an election cycle and will continue that tradition with Mr. Trump as they undergo a refurbishment set to re-open late 2017. 

A petition circulated online calling for Mr. Trump to not have a speaking role in the Disney park feature. It garnered over 14,000 signatures in support.

The attraction was last closed in 2009 to add then-President Obama, who has a speaking role. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington also have speeches in the exhibit.

Obama recorded his speech for the "Hall of Presidents" in the White House. 

Behind the Scenes: President Obama & Disney's Hall of Presidents by The Obama White House on YouTube

Disney CEO Bob Iger told reporter's at an attraction opening last month that a script for Mr. Trump was in the works and that Disney Imagineers had began creating his bust shortly after the January inauguration. 

Iger had recently left Mr. Trump's business advisory board following the administration's decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement 

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