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Trump supporter stands behind "much needed" immigration ban

Support for ban
Trump supporters back immigration ban targeting Muslims 01:44

CHICAGO -- About a dozen pro-Trump supporters were on hand at Los Angeles International Airport this weekend voicing their belief that the president’s immigration order is sensible and overdue.

“He’s keeping our country safe and lawful,” said one woman at the protest.

Vito Glazers is a Chicago Internet entrepreneur who voted for the president.

Vito Glazers CBS News

“While I don’t think it’s perfect, I think that it’s a great step to creating much needed action in the right direction,” he said of the executive order.

Mr. Trump’s stand on immigration was important in winning Glazers’ support. While he’s only one voice, polls say his views are representative of many fellow Trump supporters.

“I do think that the biggest problem with the Muslims that are coming into America is that the culture is not a culture of assimilation. It’s a culture of domination,” Glazers said. “I do think that any devout Muslim believes that Shariah Law should be implemented in the United States.”

Glazers says he thinks the issue is so sensitive and the threat so real that the whole process should be slowed down so that the administration has time to craft a lasting immigration policy, and not be stampeded by opponents.

“I don’t want America to end up in a place where political correctness is being used against us to destroy us,” he said.

“I think that if we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that the left would find a way to protest for zombies’ rights,” he continued.

Glazers also said something that many Trump supporters would probably agree with; That it’s ironic that so many people are angry with a president who is following through on campaign promises he made.

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