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Trump hosts roundtable with law enforcement on "sanctuary cities"

Trump hosts roundtable on "sanctuary cities"

President Trump is hosting a roundtable discussion with law enforcement officials, as he and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions continue their crackdown on "sanctuary cities" — cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials. The administration is in the middle of a lawsuit with the state of California over laws Sessions maintains keep federal authorities from enforcing immigration laws. 

Mr. Trump said there are illegal immigrants who are "bad actors," "predators" and "rapists," saying they have committed "offenses that are so great, we're not even going to talk about them right now, they are so great."

Mr. Trump and Sessions have looked for ways to defund such "sanctuary city" jurisdictions. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted such cities for releasing "thousands" of criminal illegal immigrants back into society. 

One mother whose son, she said, was killed by an illegal immigrant, said there are illegal immigrants committing "mass murder" of illegal aliens on U.S. citizens.