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Trump calls Mar-a-Lago incident a "fluke" during meeting with military leaders

Woman allegedly talked her way into Mar-a-Lago
How a woman with Chinese passports allegedly talked her way into Mar-a-Lago 02:34

President Trump, meeting and dining with senior military leaders Wednesday night, said he isn't concerned about security or espionage fears at Mar-a-Lago after a woman was arrested and charged for allegedly trespassing onto the property with a malware-infected device. 

Yujing Zhang is being held in the Palm Beach County Detention Center in West Palm Beach, according to law enforcement sources, after she was charged with making false statements to a federal officer and entering a restricted facility.

"I saw the story. I haven't spoken to anyone," the president said. "We have extremely good control."

"The person at the front desk did a very good job, to be honest with you," he added. 

The president also spoke out for the first time since House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal requested six years' worth of his tax returns. Mr. Trump claimed he's long been under audit and so wouldn't be inclined to produce the documents, but Neal requested the documents from the IRS, and it's up to the IRS and Treasury Department as a whole to release them. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has threatened to close the southern border with Mexico if Mexico doesn't halt all illegal immigration and if Congress doesn't change its laws to stem the flow of migrants. Mr. Trump has already ordered U.S. troops to the border

The Trump administration is also grappling with the drawdown in Syria, after declaring that ISIS had been defeated there

According to the White House, expected attendees — all men — include Mr. Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, and more than a dozen top military leaders. 

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