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"True Blood" Is Singing The Blues

Alexander Skarsgard as "Eric Northman" of HBO's "True Blood" (HBO) HBO

NEW YORK (CBS) The characters of HBO's "True Blood" were singing the blues in Sunday's episode.

Written by series creator Alan Ball, the episode explored the way all of this season's major characters seek love and control, and find a way to lose both.

Russell and Sookie were caught in a back-and-forth of asking each other questions about their origins and abilities, which was both clever and funny.

Two other couples were busy in more romantic matters. Jason was rolling around on the ground with Crystal, when the latter sniffed the air and jumped up, saying, "I gotta go." Lafayette and Jesus continued their flirtation, making out in Lafayette's car; their quick, teasing kisses were languidly romantic.

After thirsting for the blood of dying Bill, a happy Debbie asks Coot, "Will you take me to Forever Young and buy me anything I want?! Didn't go for the product placement there, Forever 21?"

The episode overall had a bleeding heart: Bill was still alive but seriously injured, Sookie at his side saying, "Please don't be dead." It ended with Lorena biting deep into Sookie's neck.

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