Truck driver teaches police officer lesson on safe driving

Truck driver turns tables on speeding cop 02:06

Illinois state police officials say they're reviewing an incident involving one of their troopers. The officer pulled over a truck driver for honking his horn. But the trucker was able to turn the tables on the trooper, thanks to this cell phone video, CBS News Correspondent Adriana Diaz reports.

It started as a routine traffic stop.

"I pulled you over for the horn, don't know what that was about," the police officer said.

"'Cause you were speeding and you had your cell phone in your hand," the truck driver responded.

Illinois state police can drive with cell phones under the law, but truck driver Brian Miner doesn't know that. He says it's the officer who was driving recklessly.

"You're gonna get a ticket for unlawful use of horn," the officer said.

"By the way you are being recorded," Miner responded.

After Miner reveals his cell phone is capturing their exchange, he says the officer's mood changes, returning from his car seemingly reasonable, more forgiving man.

"I looked at your record you got a ticket recently for the one headlight or something, looks like," the officer said. "I didn't write your ticket. I didn't want to hurt your record. No violation, no warning, no nothing. I understand you using the horn, you saw me speeding. I honestly wasn't paying attention to my speed."

Miner drove away ticket-free, the officer learning a lesson for a change.

"Me putting the video out there, I was hoping I did embarrass him a little bit," Miner said. "That was kind of like me giving him a ticket."

The Illinois state police told us "the matter is under review."

As for Miner, he has a reminder for drivers everywhere: "That's what happens when they know you're recording."