Trouble Next Door

Feuds. . . Lawsuits. . .

What would you do if your neighbor built a baseball field in his backyard, and bunches of baseballs starting landing in your vegetable patch? Or insisted on videotaping your house 24 hours a day? What if your new neighbor was a dangerous convicted sex offender just out of jail? Would you welcome him or run him out of the neighborhood?

CBS News 48 Hours shows you what can happen when you've got Trouble Next Door.

Among the stories you'll see:

A Closer Look: Meet The Mediator Martin Scheinman is a well-known mediator. Find out how he came to make peace for a living, and learn his hints for smoothing troubles in your own life.
  • Street Fight: The Tarantos and the Amadeos live across the street from each other in Commack, Long Island. And they don't get along. For nine years the otherwise quiet street has turned into a battleground, and there's no cease-fire in sight.
  • Not In My Backyard: What happens when a convicted sex offender moves into the neighborhood? In St. Paul, Minnesota, residents were not happy at all. Find out what happens.
  • Field Of Dreams: Bill Ingraham built a baseball diamond in his backyard. The kids loved it, but his next door neighbor was very unhappy with the noise, to say nothing of the baseballs in her garden. She sued him. Who won?
  • Trouble Next Door: For eight years, Cal State University professor Elena Zagustin has vexed her neighbors, refusing to keep her house or her yard clean. They've sued her, and she sued back. What happens with what neighbors call a "House of Horrors?"
Sites For Sore Neighbors: The Web is full of helpful information on resolving conflicts and reducing stress. We picked out some of the best sites.

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