Tripp-Lewinsky Tapes (5)

TRIPP: This sounds really positive on the other thing, Monica.

LEWINSKY: It doesn't. What are you talking about?

TRIPP: Yes, it does, because that means

LEWINSKY: To the contrary.

TRIPP: No. 1, you have a solid option.

LEWINSKY: I don't. My mom you don't understand. My mom won't let me take that job.

TRIPP: I don't understand that.

LEWINSKY: Because she went there and she was like, "Monica, it'll be like being at the Pentagon in New York. It's gonna be the same thing." And even though I liked Richardson and I like the people, it's true, I'm not interested in it.

... TRIPP: Well, ... here's what I would say about the U.N. I agree with your mother to an extent, but I don't know enough about it to be that vocal about it. But I think you owe it to yourself to go visit.


TRIPP: Just see what vibes you get. You're very good that way. ...

LEWINSKY: ... I mean, this is supposed to be, as he said, my backup ... And ... it just is an upsetting, uncomfortable, unsettling feeling when your backup has turned into your only option. ...

... LEWINSKY: ... I came very close to writing a letter, but I figured that's not the kind of thing that you write, you know, on paper. It's more of the thing you say in person, you know, along the lines of, you know, "Hey, the reason I'm doing this whole New York thing is because you didn't bring me back."

TRIPP: Right.

LEWINSKY: You know?

TRIPP: The gates were locked.

LEWINSKY: I know. ...

... LEWINSKY: ... And (REDACTED) leaves on Saturday, so, really, I mean, it just will make it a lot easier for him to do whatever it is he needs to do hopefully.

TRIPP: Are you going to see him?

LEWINSKY: I don't know. I'm supposed to. Maybe.

TRIPP: When are you supposed to see him, Saturday?

LEWINSKY: Yeah, possibly.

TRIPP: I'd wait 'til she's out of town.

LEWINSKY: Well, that's what I was thinking, too, but I don't know. That kind of (tape skip). Either well, he'd said Saturday, and then, you know so I'm thinking, OK, well, maybe Sunday. I wouldn't mind next Saturday, except a little bit 'cause it would be the two-year anniversary, and it's not. You know what I mean?


LEWINSKY: I'm not like not his girlfriend anymore. But I don't know.

TRIPP: Oh, that's so romantic, though.

LEWINSKY: I know. But then I but then I kind of feel like

TRIPP: Is she gone for an extended period?

LEWINSKY: I think she's gone for ten days.

TRIPP: Oh, you're kidding.


TRIPP: Where is she going?

LEWINSKY: She's going to Kazikstan and Bekistan (sic) and

TRIPP: Alone?

LEWINSKY: Without him.


LEWINSKY: So she's gone for like ten days. So she'll be gone that day, too.

TRIPP: Mm-hmm.

LEWINSKY: You know? But I just I just kinof feel like OK, if I can do it this weekend, is it worth is it worth the risk?

TRIPP: Of not doing it?


TRIPP: Yeah, I would take whatever they can arrange.

LEWINSKY: ... I asked him in the letter to call me, so you know, I said, "I know it's hard for you to call me from home, so can you please try" ...

... LEWINSKY: Is there something you're not telling me?

TRIPP: No, like what?

LEWINSKY: I don't know.

TRIPP: No, you idiot. ...

LEWINSKY: I got the tie the creep a tie.

TRIPP: Oh, please.

LEWINSKY: I know. It was 20 bucks at Marshalls.

TRIPP: Oh, good. Who makes it?

LEWINSKY: Calvin Klein. ... Yeah. It's gorgeous.

TRIPP: Yeah, Marshalls generally every now and then you can hit.

LEWINSKY: I know. It's really nice. It's real different than all the other ones. But so I put a really funny note with it. I'm going to send it with the book.

TRIPP: Yeah. I think you should send the book, though.

LEWINSKY: I know. I'm going to. And I put stickies in the forward where it I mean, it so clearly shows what kind of book it's not. You know what I mean? ... And then I marked a section in the in the chapter that talks about him being a you know, whatever it is, "Domingo as Don Juan" ... is what it's called, the chapter. ... And then the other thing I marked was I was I had told him about this one thing. I said, "Oh, you know," I said, "actually it was really good. You know, she talked about you know with some of her experiences, she shed some light on things a lot of things that people don't know about him that are really wonderful." ... And so I marked that other part, you know. ... And then I'll put the New York Times review in there.

TRIPP: How did they review it?

LEWINSKY: ... I'd say it was lukewarm.

TRIPP: Well, that's better than nothing.

LEWINSKY: Right, and it's also you know, it's the fact that it's The New York Times. ... You know? ... So there's that. But with the tie I wrote such a funny card, Linda.

TRIPP: (laughter)

LEWINSKY: It's really a nice tie, and I you know, at first I said, "Oh, you know," I said, "it'll look good with either a taupe or navy suit and a white or white, blue shirt, whatever you want. ... And, you know, I'm like 'That is if you like it' And I'm like, "And just think now you can pay homage to me if you want by having a work week in which you wear one of my ties every day." (laughter)

TRIPP: (laughter) 'Cause this will be the fifth one, right?

LEWINSKY: (laughter) Now there are five. It's the fifth one.

TRIPP: ... You'll have to give him one for the weekend days, too.


TRIPP: Oh, yeah, you will.

LEWINSKY: No. I think this is it. That's what I want. You know, that's my fantasy, is to have him wear one of my ties every day.

TRIPP: You ara nut. Was that one of your ties here, with the blue shirt?


TRIPP: Oh. Which tie?

LEWINSKY: The black one, the one that was in your house.

TRIPP: You're kidding. I didn't tell that, I couldn't tell that.


TRIPP: I wouldn't have worn that with a blue shirt.

LEWINSKY: It looked nice with a blue shirt, I thought.

TRIPP: What color was his suit today.

LEWINSKY: I think it was tan. Was it tan or


TRIPP: ... I mean, it's so God. Well, that's got to be extremely embarrassing to him. ... I mean, that whole front page thing was just ridiculous, but but I think it will work to his advantage, because I think people just don't want to read that in the paper. ... Oh, and then they had a picture of Paula Jones and her sister.

LEWINSKY: Oy, really? ... I didn't see that.

TRIPP: ... Amazing. Well, I believe she saw something, but I don't believe I think this whole sensational mess she's gotten herself into was the product of others making her exploit what I think was started out to be a consensual thing. ... And something went wrong. ...

LEWINSKY: I don't know. ... I have to tell you, I was very surprised to hear that they were going forward with trying to subpoena Kathleen Willey.

TRIPP: Well, that's never been a dead issue.

LEWINSKY: No, but just I thought didn't you think, and I know you had said this, too, was that with her best friend coming out and saying she lied?

TRIPP: ... All they're doing is seeing what she said at the time. That's all they want to know, you know. Whether she lied, whether she didn't, they want to know what she said at the time.


TRIPP: And Kirby (Behre, Linda Tripp's former attorney) hasn't called me back yet. ... His intention was to just call them and say we're not available, we're not coming. ... But I did want to get across I left a message on his voice mail.

LEWINSKY: I mean, the only thing I'm thinking is what if for some weird reason you know, and like you still can choose to not do it, right? But I'm just thinking what if for some weird reason Bennett thinks there's something to gain from you going there to say it? Which I doubt. Do you know what I mean? ... And what if you're acting on what you think is what they want?

TRIPP: Well, maybe you should mention it to Betty.

LEWINSKY: Yeah. I don't know. I don't know how involved in this thing she is. You know?

TRIPP: Well, you've talked to her about it before.

LEWINSKY: Yeah, I can.

TRIPP: Well, I think all you have to say is, "My attorney was contacted by the new"


TRIPP: Would she do you think she would relay this to him, though? This is not just for her satisfaction.

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