Trio arrested in 80 to 90 store shoplifting spree

K-Mart store in Ross Township, Pa.
CBS Pittsburgh
(CBS PITTSBURGH) ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Three people are charged in an alleged multi-state shoplifting spree, with the stolen merchandise valued at an estimated $35,000.

According to police, the trio was arrested on Nov. 16 after $500 worth of items was stolen from K-Mart in Ross Township, Pa.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, During their investigation, police determined that the group had rented a cargo van and stole from 80 to 90 stores between New York and Pennsylvania. Detailed notes of what was stolen and where it was stolen from were found in the van

The suspects have been identified as 40-year-old Thresa Lynn Warner, her juvenile son, and 39-year-old Christopher Frances Damaio.

The precise value of the stolen merchandise is not known because the van has not been opened since it was impounded after the arrests. Police are expected to open the vehicle on Wednesday.

Warner is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail, Damaio is at Allegheny General Hospital and the juvenile is at the Schuman Center.