Trio allegedly did $700K in damage to Chicago's Trump Tower

Benjamin Nitch, Carl Koenemann and Daniel Maradei (left to right) have been charged with felony property damage, for allegedly flooding a stairwell at the Trump Tower, after a hotel bartender refused to serve them anymore drinks.
CBS Chicago via Chicago Police

CHICAGO - Three men are facing charges for allegedly causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the Chicago Trump Tower after they were cut off at the bar on Saturday, reports CBS Chicago.

Prosecutors charged Carl Koenemann, of Des Plaines, Ill., and Benjamin Nitch, of Barrington, Ill., both 25, and Daniel Maradei, of Hanover Park, with felony criminal damage to property charges after police say they turned on a water valve in one of the building’s stairwells after being cut off from the bar.

Damage from the flooding was estimated at $700,000.

Police found the suspects by studying security video and tracing purchases made from a credit card one of the men had used at the bar earlier that night.

By the time 911 was called, hundreds of gallons of water were flowing through parts of the hotel.

The Trump Tower’s parking deck elevators were out of commission due to flooding, and some marble floors were also damaged.

Prosecutors say that, after their arrest, Koenemann and Nitch blamed each other before Nitch finally admitted guilt. Bond for those two suspects was set at $100,000 with electronic monitoring.