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Tricks And Treats From the Campaign Trail

From CBS News' Dean Reynolds:

(DES MOINES, IOWA) - The Obama campaign plane, which smells much better these days by the way, is alive with Halloween decorations now.

Little pumpkins and witch hats dangle from the ceiling. A couple of paper spiders are pasted to the walls.

As we pass over Missouri enroute Iowa I'm wondering what the mood must be like on the McCain-Palin plane.

What Halloween theme might parallel their polls?

Frankenstein comes to mind. Freddie Krueger? Janet Leigh trapped in the shower as Tony Perkins stabs away. Lon Cheney Jr. transformed into a werewolf could be a metaphor for the McCain candidacy that shifted from conservative to, well, VERY CONSERVATIVE.

Maybe they're releasing actual spiders in the McCain press section?

Meantime, Obama has shifted into high gear this past week.

Three big rallies per day including late night extravaganzas timed for the local evening news in whatever market wants to show it. Huge crowds.

Now comes word that his campaign will broaden the boulevard to an electoral majority to include ads in North Dakota, Georgia and, yes, Arizona.


The campaign says they have a shot, so why not take it?

But even Barry Goldwater carried his home state, which, of course, happens to be McCain's.

North Dakota has been religiously Republican since... forever.

And Georgia?

These are not good signs for the McCain camp.

Trick or treat.

Time to let the tarantulas out.