Tricking in Switzerland and BMX biking in the Outback

(CBS News) For those not familiar with the term, "tricking" is an extreme sport art form of sorts where you attempt to do flips, kicks and more in the air without external assistance (such as wires or trampolines). So now that you know, check out some amazing, slow-motion "tricking" above.

The very slick clip (with music by Seven Lions) was posted by Vimeo user Swisstricks who writes:

With the Sony fs700 we recorded different Tricking-Moves with 400 frames per second in front of stunning locations and places of interest.
Trying to inspire and show the beauty and variety of this country (and tricking of course). Don't try this at home! Come to Switzerland :)

If it were an option, I'd definitely do some "tricking" in Switzerland in a heartbeat. And we switch from the lush greenery of Switzerland to barren extremes of the Western Australia Outback with our next video below from Vimeo user InfinityList and featuring Australian BMX rider Danny Campbell demonstrating some extremes of his own. Watch him attempt to conquer "Wave Rock", a 47-foot high, 350-foot long "granite rock face shaped like an over-vert quarter pipe".