Trick B-Ball Shots Turn YouTube Sensation

"Dude Perfect" started as six extremely competitive college roommates. They started with a few trick shots in a backyard in College Station, TX. They posted a video to YouTube, and with each stunt the word spread about "Dude Perfect". They even appeared on "The Early Show" to sink a hoop from an airplane.
A group of students from Texas A&M University have been getting a lot of attention for their skills off the court.

The team of friends that call themselves "Dude Perfect" most recently videotaped a basketball shot made from the deck of their school's football stadium down to the field. So far the group's collection of videos featuring trick shots has gleaned 3,300,000 views online.

Tyler Toney and brothers Coby and Cory Cotton explained on "The Early Show" they do multiple shots on camera before they sink the YouTube-worthy baskets. The shots, the students said, use more skills associated with football than basketball.

For more with the Dude Perfect guys, click on the video below.

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