Tribeca Film Festival: "Jaws" under the stars

An outdoor screening of "Jaws" along the New York City waterfront, part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Thursday, April 19, 2012.
David Morgan/CBS

(CBS News) NEW YORK - A newly-restored Steven Spielberg classic played out, appropriately, under darkened skies along the city's waterfront last night, at a Tribeca Film Festival screening of "Jaws."

The 1975 Academy Award-winning film, one of the all-time box office champions, has been digitally restored as part of Universal Studios' 100th anniversary celebration.

In advance of its August 14 release on Blu Ray, the thriller about a killer shark terrorizing a beachfront community was screened for hundreds of appreciative viewers at the Tribeca Film Festival, as part of its "Drive-In" series.

To view a video snapshot of last night's screening click on the video player above.

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