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Tribe Rivalry Remains

The tribes were finally merged on this episode of Survivor: Thailand but the fierce tribe loyalty remained when the Chuay Gahn voted en masse to oust Ken Stafford, the 30-year-old policeman from New York City, from the island.

As they put on their marigold survivor bandanas, the first challenge for the united contestants came with the prize of viewing a video tape of their family members and an ice cold drink. They each got a sneak preview, and tears were abound as Ted saw his baby daughter for the first time and Penny's fiance gathered friends to encourage her.

The survivors were paired up at random and had to complete a monster obstacle course with that partner involving a wicker ball, a machete, and a series of ladders and ropes. The winning pair then competed against each other in a test of wits.

Brian was the eventual victor, and as he settled in to watch his wife and son, he found it was more of a bane than a boon to have won this particular challenge. Many were in secret agreement that based on scenes from his home, car, and furniture, Brian was doing well for himself and had no need for the grand prize of $1 million. Clay, on the other hand, was too preoccupied ogling the sexy dance done by Brian's wife.

The second challenge involved individual immunity and became a test of navigating between Clay and Ken. They battled to find 10 tags buried underground using Thai numbers and directions. Clay won the necklace of immunity.

In the end, it was this challenge that set the Sook Jai back. While Jake scrambled to sell his idea of voting out Brian to the Chuay Gahn tribe, the immunity on the Chuay Gahn side had all but guaranteed that a member of Sook Jai would be gone at Tribal Council.

And so was the case. The Chuay Gahn as a 5-strong voting bloc came down hard against Ken, while the Sook Jai united their three votes to oust Ted. And Ken, the policeman from New York City, extinguished his fire and left the island.

Ken will be interviewed on The Early Show tomorrow morning about his experience on the island.