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Trendy Fall Accessories

There is a wide variety of fall trends to match any personality this year.

"Glamour" magazine's executive fashion director, Suze Yalof Schwartz, shows The Saturday Early Show her favorite picks for belts, sweaters, shoes and more for the season.

Schwartz says the strongest trends are the metallic look, power suits, chunky sweaters, vests, the color black and leather jackets.

She also suggests shopping for similar-looking products if the prices of some of these items are a little over your budget.

  1. Carolina Herrera gold coat: Schwartz says this is a great way to add metallic to your wardrobe: $1,990.
  2. Louis Vuitton parka: Schwartz considers this the "hottest" coat of the fall: $3,200.
  3. Gap pea coat: This version is modified to be less boxy: $68.
  4. YSL velvet suit with bow: Schwartz says this navy blue suit is already being knocked off by lower priced labels to make it more affordable: $1,595.00 for the top, $995.00 for the skirt.
  5. Bright pink dress by Miguelina: This is a very sexy version of the evening slip dress: $450.
  6. Dior bag: Schwartz says everyone who is anyone has been seen carrying this bag: $940.
  7. Autumn cashmere cardigans: Schwartz says these sweaters feel luxurious. The cut is modified so you don't look like you're wearing your grandmother's sweater.
  8. Prada crocodile knee boot: Schwartz believes exotic leathers are very popular this season and the Prada boots is the favorite for the fall: $5,905.

Schwartz also recommends various shades of berry as the color for women's nails and lips this fall.