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67-year-old Texas woman climbs tree to protest unwanted trimming

DALLAS -- A 67-year-old Dallas homeowner protesting a tree trimming, climbed up and stayed in her tree for a while Monday morning, reports CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

Jerilynn Huber said she organized her solo sit-in to protect her tree from unwanted trimming by Oncor -- a utility company in Texas.

Huber said she was later served with a restraining order from an officer and that it came from Oncor.

“They filed a temporary restraining order on me,” Huber said. “They didn’t want me in the tree anymore because that would keep them from trimming it. When did we lose our rights as property owners?”

Oncor said in a statement:

Oncor provides safe, reliable service to more than 10 million Texans. After months of face-to-face meetings with this customer, including with elected officials, it is now necessary for Oncor to proceed with vital tree trimming in the 7400 block of Westlake in Dallas. The trees in this area must be professionally trimmed in order to keep local residents safe and ensure reliable service to this area of the city.

We understand that trees are a beautiful, important part of all of our communities, and Oncor takes great care in performing this work while balancing cost, aesthetics and reliability.

Today, and during this routine trimming in the past, this customer has threatened her own safety and the safety of others, in order to further delay this vital maintenance. Oncor has been in contact with this customer for several months and we have discussed all available options which would minimize trimming. We must now perform this work for the safety of all involved.

Oncor confirms about six years ago, Mrs. Huber went up into the same tree with a pellet gun and threatened Oncor workers.

The company has issued a temporary restraining order against Huber. A crew later trimmed successfully trimmed the tree.

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